Welcome to Yama's Thai Eaterie

Thai Food

Veg spring rolls £3.70
Duck spring rolls £3.70
Prawn sesame toast £3.70
Chicken Satay £3.70
Thai Fish Cakes £3.95
Dim Sum (pork) £3.95
Yama's Spare ribs in Honey and Pineapple sauce £4.95

Tom Kah / Coconut soup £4.50
Tom Yam Hot and Sour Soup £4.50
Tom Yam Prawn £5.50

All main meals are £7.65, and are served with a choice of chicken, beef, pork or Tofu. Thai King Prawns and Gressington Duck are available at £1.35 extra
A rice dish is recommended to accompany Curries and Stir fries, and can be selected from the list below.

Gaeng Keow Wan (Traditional Thai Green curry)
Gaeng Ped Thai (Traditional Thai Red curry)
Penang (Creamy Peanut Thai curry)
Masaman (Creamy curry with chuncky potato, onion and Peanuts)
Yummy Yama curry (Noi's special Mango curry)
Gressington Duck in Tamarind sauce

Stir Fries
Pad Ped Gaprow (green beans and holy basil)
Pad Pak Khing (fresh ginger stir fry)
Pad Kratiem Prik Thai (black pepper and garlic)
Pad Med Mamuang (Himmaporn with cashew nuts and soy sauce)
Pad Pre Wan (Thai sweet and sour)
Pad Nam Man Hoi (stir fry with oyster sauce)
Pad Nam Prik Pao (chilli oil, green beans and spring onions)
Pad Prik Ghang (red curry paste, green beans and lime leaves)
Pad Pak Ruam (stir fry with soya creamy sauce)

Noodle Dishes
Pad Thai (rice noodles with Tamarind sauce, eggs, bean sprouts and ground peanuts)
Yama Noodles (egg noodles with onion, peppers, and fragrant sweet chilli)
Pad Kee Mao (rice noodles with basil, bamboo shoots, chilli and garlic)
Pad See Iew (stir fired rice noodles with sweet dark soy sauce and spring greens, bean sprouts)
Pad Woon Sen (stir fried vermicelli noodes, with tomatoes, carrots, onions, red peppers and spring green.)

Rice Dishes (main dishes)
Kow Pad Sapparod (stir fried rice with eggs, pineapple, spring onions, garlic, chilli and tomato)
Kow Pad Yama (stir fried rice with your favourite meats form the above selection)

Rice Dishes (accompanying dishes)
Steamed rice £1.70
Steamed rice noodles £1.70
Steamed mixed vegetables £1.70
Kao Niew (sticky rice) £2.75
Kao Op Krati (coconut rice) £2.75
Kao Pad Kai (egg fried rice) £2.75

Sides and Snacks
Thai Prawn crackers £2.00
Chips £1.750
Chip butty £2.75
Garlic bread (3 slices) £2.00
Garlic bread and cheese (3 slices) £2.95

Yama's Childrens Menu
All Kiddie meals are £3.50
Angel's Kiddie Breakfast (egg, sausage, beans, hash brown, toast)
3 fish fingers, chips and beans
5 chicken nuggets, chips and beans
Egg fried rice with chicken
Stir fried noodles with chicken
Crispy chicken with sticky rice

English Food
Sausages and Mash £5.95
Cod and chips, served with garden peas £5.95
Honey roast ham, eggs, chips and beans £5.50
Yama's Omellete with cheese/ham, chips and beans £5.50
Sausages, egg, chips and beans £4.50
Bacon, egg, chips and beans £4.50

All Day Breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, and toast) £4.95
Yama Breakfast (double portion of sausages and bacon) £5.95

Fresh ground Italian coffee £1.20
Cappuccino £1.79
Latte £1.79
Mocha £1.79
Americano £1.20
Espresso £1.00
Hot chocolate £1.79
Hot tea £0.80
Hot tea (pot) £1.50
Green/Jasmine/Fruit tea £1.50
Juice £1.20
Bottled water £1.20
All cans £1.00
Special Thai Drinks £2.00